Message From Founder & CEO

I am delighted to welcome all current and prospective learners and well-wishers of Smart English Learning, London, UK. I am an education entrepreneur with over two decades experience working in the UK. I have been moved to establish Smart English Learning London at Dhaka, in Bangladesh, having realised that although a large number of learners invest a long period of time in their lives in learning English, they don’t achieve a satisfactory degree of proficiency in the language. I have witnessed this among the many international students I had the opportunity to work with in the college of Further and Higher Education I was operating in the United Kingdom.

We found that, despite the number of years they had spent learning English, their level and ability of communication in the English was remarkably low and this had a negative impact on their ability to succeed in the academic endeavours they had come to pursue in the United Kingdom. Many of these students were from Bangladesh and other parts of Southeast Asia.

This realisation prompted me to take the initiative to start a programme aimed at improving the English language skills of these, otherwise excellent, students. They have other excellent academic skills. For some time now, we have solved the English language problems of hundreds of learners in the UK, enabling them to excel in their studies.

I feel pleasure to work with learners who require English Language skills for both academic and non-academic purposes. Using a combination of state-of-art learning equipment, professionally qualified and experienced team members as well as other modern resources and facilities, SEL has become the leading and most popular English Language learning centre for both adults and children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our Facilities Combination of expert & professionals we run customised courses based on individual learner needs, considering every single student as a unique individual with their own learning style and pace. Therefore it is with immense pleasure that I say to you today:

Welcome to Smart English Learning

M Mohsin Uddin
Founder & CEO
Smart English Learning, London

About Sel London

Sellondon is an e-learning (online-based training) platform. You don’t have to go anywhere to do our course.

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